Thursday, January 2, 2014

December 2013 Wrap-up [spoiler free!]

Well, helloooo there! I realize this is the third day in a row that I have posted something and you have all probably succumbed to shock, but today I am here to give you my December 2013 wrap-up. Once again, I only managed to read a record-breaking four books. I blame the holidays...


1. The Beautiful and the Cursed by Page Morgan. While I found the beginning a tad slow, the multiple POVs confusing and Broody Luc annoying, the story, setting, characters and complex politics surrounding the different creatures and groups were extremely interesting/exciting, and I had no idea where the story was going 80% of the time. Our female lead, Ingrid, is incredibly strong and independent; making up for Luc's indecisiveness with bravery, loyalty and kick ass-ery. Even though I only gave this book a rating of three out of five, I really am looking forward to book two (due to come out sometime in 2014).


2. The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak. Oh, goodness. Where to begin? I had been putting this book off for the longest time and finally, finally picked it up. Was it sad? Yes. Did it rip my heart out, throw it on the ground and stomp it into oblivion? Yes. Did I regret not picking it up sooner? Abso-freaking-lutely. Even though it is a very sad, extremely upsetting and raw story, I absolutely enjoyed every bit of it. Zusak has a knack for creating real, heartbreaking situations that simultaneously make you happy and tear you up inside. So, kudos to you, sir. I am in love with your book.


3. Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle. I was determined to finish this book before Christmas but, alas; I just... didn't. Looking back, I would have to say that my favorite story of the three was Maureen Johnson's, The Jubilee Express; which was surprising, considering how much I love John Green's writing. Unfortunately, with three separate stories and only 350 pages, it was difficult to get a good feel on the characters, and I often found myself unable to really connect with them (Addie in particular). Overall, it was a cute/fluffy story that really helped to put me in the Christmas mood; despite finishing it after the holiday had ended.


4. Unbreakable by Kami Garcia. After completing Let It Snow, I was not really in the mood for a huge, monster read; especially considering how close we were to the year's end. So I grabbed Unbreakable. While it was not exactly WOW-worthy, I did really enjoy the creepy, paranormal vibe of the story. Very reminiscent of Anna Dressed in Blood.

. . . . 

December Stats:

Read 4 books (and finished the year with 82)
Read 995 pages (and finished the year with 30,071)

Upcoming Releases:

Unhinged (Splintered #2) by A.G. Howard -- January 7, 2014
Hollow City (Miss Peregrine #2) by Ransom Riggs -- January 14, 2014

Which books did you start/finish in December? Did you complete your goals for 2013?

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