Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday [November 17]

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. Each week they update their blog with a list of ten things that have to do with a predetermined topic.

This week's topic is: Ten Quotes I Loved From Books.

1. "What is the point of being alive if you don't at least try to do something remarkable?" — An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

2. "What a treacherous thing it is to believe that a person is more than a person." — Paper Towns by John Green

3. "I get up. I walk. I fall down. Meanwhile, I keep dancing." — Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott

4. "Some people are beautiful. Not in looks. Not in what they say. Just in what they are." — I Am the Messenger by Marcus Zusak

5. "No one every asks a kid for her opinion, but it seems to me that growing means that you stop hoping for the best, and start expecting the worst. So how do you tell an adult that maybe everything wrong in the world stems from the fact that she's stopped believing the impossible can happen?" — Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult and Samantha van Leer

6. "Faith with proof is no faith at all." — The Ask and the Answer by Patrick Ness

7. "It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." — Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling

8. "I'm always finding humans at their best and worst. I see their ugly and their beauty, and I wonder how the same thing can be both." —The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak

9. "It occurred to me that the business of surviving preluded a great many things, exploring and falling in love not least among them." — Hollow City by Ransom Riggs

10. "Words were the most powerful tool. Simple and so often underestimated. They could heal. They could destroy." — Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout

What are some of your favorite book quotes?

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