Wednesday, November 4, 2015

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day Four

Ten Facts About Yourself:

1. I am the oldest of six children. Yep; I have four younger brothers and one younger sister. We are all very, very close and, though they can sometimes be annoying (my sister and I still argue over really stupid stuff sometimes), I wouldn't trade them for the world. Growing up, I hated being the oldest but now I love the role and the responsibility that comes with it.

2. Though I switched my major from Early Childhood Education to English/Creative Writing when I was a freshman in college, I keep finding myself working in positions that require me to teach children. First the day care, then summer camp and, even now, my job as a recreation associate has me helping kids with their homework every day after school.

3. I did not get to walk with the rest of my class during graduation. Senior year of high school was very difficult for me for many reasons. I was constantly sick and struggled with depression, which caused me to miss quite a bit of school. This resulted in my failing two very important classes – both of which were needed in order to graduate. I received my diploma a year later than all of my friends, after completing both of the classes online. I don't talk about this experience much because 1.) it was seven years ago, and 2.) I am still ashamed.

4. I suffer from anxiety. It used to be crippling, but I currently have a much better handle on it. I still hate change, though, and it takes a lot of convincing for me to make plans that do not involve my house/family and a good book. I still have bad days, of course, where I do not talk to anyone, but they are not as frequent as they used to be.

5. I had laser-eye surgery when I was three years old and I can still vaguely remember the experience. After it was done, I still had to wear glasses until high school—which was when my vision finally started to get better—only to have to pick them back up a year or so after graduation. Currently, my vision is not great.

6. I had to have two of my wisdom teeth pulled a few months ago, at the age of twenty-five.

7. My hair is naturally very curly/frizzy. No one ever believes this, though, because I have straightened it since high school.

8. I have never had a proper boyfriend. I was too shy (and not particularly good-looking) during  high school and though I have gone on plenty of dates since then, they have never progressed past the "seeing" stage. Usually it is my fault; I get scared easily and push people away.

9. I was given a stuffed blue cat by a friend of my mom's when I was only a few days old. Her name is Whiskers and I still have her.

10. I hated to write until a third grade English project. When I didn't complete the assignment on time, my teacher made me stay in during recess to finish it. We were supposed to write a short story and, eventually, I conjured up a situation in which four siblings were whisked off to a magical land by a talking black cat. I had a lot of fun with it and have wanted to be a writer ever since.

What are some interesting facts about you?

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I will be participating in the 30 day Writing challenge every day this month, but will not be posting all of them. If you're curious, you can view the list of challenges here.

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