Monday, June 27, 2016

2016 Reading Goals [check in]

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Books read: 18/25
Pages read: 6,299
Goals completed: 3/6

1. Read 25 books: I already knocked out 18 books toward this goal, so I am sure I will be able to complete 25 by September or October. I find it a little sad that it has taken me so much of the year just to complete 18 books when, in 2014, I was easily able to meet a goal of 70, but my reading slumps and busy work schedule has made reading that many books a bit unrealistic.

2. Read three books that have been on my physical TBR shelf for at least six months: This goal used to be one that I struggled the most with but, for some reason, I kicked this challenge's butt this year. So far, I have read eight books toward this goal, and I anticipate that the number will keep growing throughout the second half of 2016.

3. Reread three books (not including Percy Jackson): I did awesome with this goal as well, completing it in the first four months of the year. I am fairly certain I will be rereading the first two Harry Potter books at the end of the summer but, other than that, I am not yet sure if any other books will go toward this challenge.

4. Finish five series/trilogies: As of a few days ago, I have been able to finish three series, so I have no doubt I will be able to complete this goal within the next few months as well.

5. Reread the Percy Jackson series: So far, I have only reread The Lightning Thief, so I definitely need to step up my game and make it a point to pick up the others before the year comes to an end. I should be okay, since there are only four books left; I've told myself not to panic unless I have made no progress with this goal by October.

6. Listen to an audiobook: I listened to my first audio book in March! It is not something I will make a habit of doing, particularly because I found it very difficult to find time to listen to it, but it was definitely an interesting experience and I can see the appeal.

How are you guys doing on your 2016 reading goals?

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