Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring has arrived

The change a week can make! The snow is mostly gone and the weather has warmed up considerably. I take immense joy in throwing open my bedroom window every morning and allowing the sweet, flowery smell of spring to fill the house.

Overall, this week was an easy one. Not much was going on, so I was at home for most of it. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent the same way as last week - working, grocery shopping, and cleaning. On Thursday, the stress set in. My family has had a very difficult year and a half, and Thursday was the day something would be presented to people who could help us out. Though they have yet to make their decision, Thursday was the beginning of what we hope is the end, and everyone in our house was feeling it. In an attempt to distract myself, I made the mistake of browsing the organization and decor tag of Pintrest during work that morning, and the rest of the afternoon/evening was spent moving things around in my room and breathing in a lot of dust. I did take a break to watch the new episode of The 100; it was wonderful. I'm so glad my little delinquents are back together again!

Friday was kind of a bad day. I woke up in an awful mood for no reason and spent the rest of the day alienating myself from everyone else and basically taking offense at any and every tiny, unimportant thing. That morning, I ran to the store to pick up some containers so that I could finish my organization project. Normally, this would have been fun, but I had to work the After School program, so everything was kind of done in a rush, which only made my mood worse. I generally don't enjoy working after school, because the people that run it do not speak or joke around much and the kids can get kind of crazy. I got to leave a little early that day, though, which was nice. Once I got home, I had to call my academic advisor so that we could figure out a way to get my textbooks before the evening was over and found out that I had been paying for my schoolbooks out of pocket for the last three years when there were book vouchers available, and no one had told me about them. Uhg. Then, because I was down in the dumps, I decided to treat myself to some ice cream. This ended with my mother and I driving around town looking for a cheap place that sold some, and waiting in line at the park for half and hour behind a bunch of high school girls. My mood worsened.

On Saturday, our car broke down. Thankfully, it didn't happen while I was driving because, as a new driver, I have no doubt I would have freaked out and made the situation worse. Because of the gorgeous weather, I had just gotten back from walking in this little wooded area at the edge of town with a friend, her daughter, and our dog, Copper, when my mom and brother decided to go and get something to eat. The car broke down while they were out. Unfortunately, it was not the first time the car has done something like this and, at this point, we are all feeling a little hopeless when it comes to getting it back in working order. Someone is supposed to come today to look at it; fingers crossed he can do something. I had myself a little movie night on Friday and also managed to finish reading The Book of Ivy, which was amazing.

All I did on Sunday was lay around. The weather was beautiful, but I had zero motivation to do anything about it, so the afternoon was spent filming videos and starting/finishing Hyperbole and a Half, a book I had originally read back in 2014. Once I was done with that, I finished up my schoolwork and was free for the rest of the day. I have been trying some new time management techniques and I've found that they really seem to be working for me. Usually, Sunday is spent trying to catch up on a week's worth of schoolwork; I quite enjoy not having to deal with the shame that accompanies that level of procrastination anymore.

Today will be spent much like last Monday was; I have to work in the evening and then will end the night with a new episode of Scorpion. It is rumored that Walter and Paige will kiss tonight. I'm looking forward to it.

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