Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Answer

That moment —
you know the one I'm talking about, right?
The one between sleep and awake when
you have a thought.
A perfect, simple little thought,
that exists on a plane untouched by the trials of life and hardship.
A thought to solve that problem
- the one that has been plaguing you all week - 
 a way to end world hunger,
to invent time travel,
meet a difficult goal.
To your exhausted mind, it is world changing,
life altering, problem-defying.
It is there, glaringly obvious at the front of your mind
for one, precious moment.
But, in the second
between one, slow blink and the next,
as your mind becomes aware of your body,
it disappears
or is attacked,
as they always are,
by logic and reason.
Conscious, the thought seems less like an answer
and more like a naive musing.
But, for that one moment,
it was powerful and hopeful,
and exactly what you were looking for,
and you spend the rest of your life
trying to get that feeling back.

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