Thursday, March 3, 2016

February Rewind

» This month I.... «

Celebrated my mother's 52nd birthday.

Continued planning a novel, thought up a  new idea, and started working on that one instead. Sigh.

Became obsessed with Pintrest.

Bought a new rabbit!

Spent most of the month obsessing over the A Gathering of Shadows release.

February Snapshots:*

*Some of these are linked to a 365 Project post on Tumblr. Click on the photograph to be taken to the original post!

» Book(s) I've Been Reading «

» Movies/Shows I've Been Watching «

The season finale is next week and I am NOT. READY.

The season finale for The Shannara Chronicles was a few days ago and stuck very true to the ending of the book series (as far as I know anyway - I haven't actually read them). However, it appears that there is a large possibility that the show will come back for another season. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and am looking forward to seeing how it diverts from the books during future episodes/seasons.

Guys. This show is so bad. I don't understand what happened. Everyone is acting out of character, actors are leaving, and this season has had practically zero redeeming qualities, in my opinion. UHG. Season two was so good; this season has just been a roller-coaster of crazy. And not in the good way.

» Songs I've Been Listening To «

Invincible by Ruelle

Stand By You by Rachel Platten

» Other Favorites « I've said, I have recently discovered Pinterest. I tried it out about a year ago and was too confused to look too much into it, but lately I've found that it's a great place for inspiration - both in life and writing. You can follow/find me here.

I heard about this technique from writer V.E. Schwab. She uses it to keep track of how many words she writes/edits, how many pages she reads, as well as other, every day activities. I've found it helpful to have a physical, visual way to see my progress!

» What I've Been Up to On Youtube «

Courtship Book TAG

What have you guys been loving?

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