Wednesday, August 19, 2015

BoB 14: M.A.S.H

Bout of Books

Today's Bout of Books challenge is "MASH," hosted by Rocky Top Real Talk! For this, we are playing a game of M.A.S.H with a bookish twist.

I did all of this on paper but, because the pictures didn't turn out the greatest, I'll just go ahead and list everything here:



1. William Herondale
2. Voldemort
3. Bellamy Blake
4. Percy Jackson
5. Augustus Waters 


1. Broomstick
2. Portal
3. Flying Car
4. Spaceship
5. Hippogriff

Place of Residence:

1. Hogwarts
2. Panem
3. London Institue
4. Camp Half-Blood
5. The Glade

# of Kids:

1. Two
2. Zero
3. Twelve
4. One
5. Three


1. Auror
2. Keeper for the Archive
3. Camp Councilor
4. Soldier
5. Unemployed


1. Pandora
2. Gargoyle
3. Owl
4. Tracker Jacker
5. Hippocampus

Best Friend:

1. Magnus Bane
2. Simon Lewis
3. Nagini
4. Harry Potter
5. A Zombie

 My final results are:

I live in a shack at Hogwarts (Hagrid's hut, maybe?), am married to Augustus Waters (I mean.... he's no Will Herondale, but is still pretty awesome), have no kids, am unemployed (Yikes. Though, maybe Dumbledore could hook me up with a teaching position or something), travel around on a broomstick (yes, please!), have a Pandora for a pet and am best friends with Magnus Bane.


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