Tuesday, May 12, 2015

BoB 13: Character Face-Off Challenge

Bout of Books

Today's Bout of Books challenge is a "Character Face-Off," hosted by LuLo Fangirl! We must pick two of our favorite characters and pit them against one another, listing their strengths and flaws, in an attempt to crown the grand champion of our own personal Favorite Fictional Characters list.

Because I don't necessarily want to compare my many, many book boyfriends (too cruel, that) and most of my favorite characters are labeled as my "favorite" for varying reasons, I am going to throw two, kick-ass females into the ring. Everyone knows I have a soft spot for girls who can kick butt and look good while doing it - all without assistance from the opposite sex - so I feel like this challenge will definitely live up to its title.

#1. In the first corner, we have Ruby Daly from Alexandra Bracken's The Darkest Minds trilogy!


— Extremely loyal
— Fights for what she believes is right and does not accept the "easy way out"
— Incredibly brave; will place herself in situations to further the cause and protect her friends
— Stubborn (in a good way)


— Stubborn (in a bad way)
— Will keep quiet about things that she is afraid will hurt the people she cares about but, in the end, these secrets get everyone into more trouble

#2. And in the second corner, we have Tessa Gray from Cassandra Clare's The Infernal Devices trilogy!


— Is not afraid to get her hands dirty, despite her upbringing (and lack of Shadowhunter experience).
— Does not let difficult decisions/situations get the better of her; she will keep her head and power through, even if it means certain death
— Loyal
— A visionary


— She has a soft spot in her heart for friends and family and can be easily manipulated when they are involved.

. . . .

Winner: Tessa Gray

Why: Most of the time, Ruby Daly's decision-making skills are severely lacking and, despite her incredible bravery, she will sometimes land herself and her friends into situations that could have been avoided. Tessa, though a little too compassionate at times, does not allow herself to fall into traps or be pushed around without a fight. She may not necessarily be the strongest female protagonist out there, but she certainly holds her own and makes up for her lack of physical strength with a good head and heart.

. . . .

I was right. That was an incredibly difficult/painful process...

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