Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Favorites ~ 2015

Taking a page from the countless beauty gurus on Youtube, this will be a new, monthly addition to the blog; where I will list all of the things that I have been loving, using or watching throughout the month of ____.

Below are my April favorites:

Where has this show been all my life?! And, more importantly, where have Leslie and Ben been all my life? That ship sailed WAY before I even made it to the second season (where Ben makes his grand entrance). I bought the first season in March and have been rapidly collecting/watching the rest ever since.

I read A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab at the tail end of March, but the change in month has not swayed my feelings toward this book at all. It was fantastic. I openly express my love for this author quite a bit, so when I discovered that she would be publishing another book — fantasy, set in a magical, multi-dimensional London — I could not wait to have it in my possession (it certainly did not disappoint). I kept coming back to it throughout April, flipping through its pages and revisiting some of my favorite parts. I also uploaded a review/discussion of the book on my BookTube channel, so if you would like to see that, click here.

I don't wear much jewelry, and when I do I tend to pick out a few of my favorite pieces and pair them with everything. Usually, it is my pocket watch necklace, but these two have made several appearances throughout the month. The Daisy necklace is from Deb, a shop that has recently gone out of business. The smaller, tree necklace is from Walmart.

I bought these boots about a year ago at Target and have only recently discovered just how much I love them. They are comfortable and cute; two things I look for most in footwear!

This has probably not been established here, on this blog, or anywhere online ever, but I have a slight obsession with nail polish. Now that spring has finally sprung (or as much as it will, in Ohio) I have taken a liking to the more pastel and vibrant of nail colors. These four are all from the brand Salon Perfect, which can easily be found at your local drug store, or wherever nail polishes are sold. Their names are as follows:

Haute Pink (though it definitely comes out as more of an orange on the nails)
Bermuda Baby
Lilacking Control
Perky Pink

(My absolute favorites have been the light pink and purple).

Usually I will go through phases of either not playing my DS at all or touching nothing else. In April, I rediscovered my love for Animal Crossing and it was all downhill from there. That game is the reason I did not do a lot of reading...

I have also recently rekindled my love for Better Home and Garden's wax cube warmers! These three floral/woodsy scents have been my favorite this last month; Country Sunflower, Lilac Breeze and Southern Spanish Moss.

For some reason (and I am not complaining, believe me), I have been watching the Harry Potter movies over and over again. Stressed out? Put in Harry Potter. Happy? Put in Harry Potter. Tired, sad, bored, going to bed, feeling nostalgic? Put in Harry Potter. And, out of all of them, the first one is the movie that I found myself gravitating toward the most.

What have you been loving this month?

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