Friday, October 24, 2014

Things I am afraid of...

1. Death, losing someone I love
2. Feeling helpless/hopeless
3. Never amounting to anything
4. Getting older
5. Being stagnant or still
6. Never finding someone who will want to love/be with me
7. Commitment
8. Myself
9. My beliefs and the absence of them

Ways to fix them...

1. Death is inevitable. All you can do is cherish every moment that you, and the people you love, are given.

2. Do something about it. Find a way to eliminate those feelings and, if you can't, minimize them.

3. Do not allow things to spiral out of control; work hard the first time around.

4. That is life. Enjoy the years as you have them and do not let one moment go to waste.

5. Do not allow yourself to slow down — keep working toward your goals. Relaxation is one thing; giving up before you have begun is another.

6. Put yourself out there; do not shy away from people just because you are afraid. Love and be loved in return.

7. If you are going to reach your goals, you will have to commit. Put your all into everything that you do. It will pay off, I promise.

8. Everyone has a dark day or two. When those thoughts come, remind yourself of all the good things that surround you — of all the beautiful people that are in your life and the amazing days and memories that are created because of them. Do not let yourself be pulled under; embrace the bad and change it.

9. Take a look at your priorities. What do you believe in? Sort it out now; do not allow yourself to wander around without a guide or destination. You will get lost.

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