Wednesday, October 22, 2014


It's funny how something as simple as weather can affect our mood and how we approach the day. I greet this rain with exhaustion.
I woke up extremely groggy this morning, still trapped in a web of dreams. My movements were slower—robotic—my bones aware of the wet and chill before my eyes saw the truth, lashing against my wizened windowpane. Gliding through my morning routine, I wanted nothing more than to crawl beneath my covers and slip back into a dream-filled sleep. If only...

Everyone else seems to be having the same sort of troubles as I; everywhere I look, people are yawning and eyes are drooping and limbs are yearning for the warmth of home, a blanket, their bed. The gloomy skies do nothing to quell the these desires — they only intensify them. I bundled up as warmly as I could today, but the comfort only makes me want to burrow further; to hibernate until the sun decides to grace us with her presence once again.

Two hours and fifteen minutes to go. Bed, I am coming for you. I look forward to slipping back into your warm embrace.

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