Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 2, 2015

Dear July,

A few days ago, I lost one of my rabbits. She was only a year old, in excellent health, and was going in to be spayed by one of our favorite animal doctors. Everything was fine until she appeared to experience some sort of reaction to the anesthesia and had trouble waking up after the surgery. The vet tried for thirty minutes to get her heart rate back up but was unsuccessful, and I received a phone call shortly afterward, telling me that she had passed away. To say that I was "devastated" would be an understatement. You were never given the opportunity to meet her, July. And now you never will.

In December, my sister adopted a seven-month old rabbit from a local family and ended up giving her to me for my birthday; a little white ball of fluff with beautiful gray markings around her mouth/nose and down her back. She was gorgeous and I was in love. After owning Louis—a dwarf—for two years, holding a full-sized bunny, even a young one, was an extremely amusing experience and we brought her home immediately. I spent about an hour thinking up names before I decided that she looked like an Ellington. Ellie, for short. You would have loved her, July. She was loving, cuddly and very, very outspoken; always thumping her feet when she was upset or I wasn't placing food in front of her fast enough. She was a character and I still cannot believe that she is gone.

Isn't it funny, July, how a furry little creature can become such an integral part of our every day lives? They become a member of the family in a way that you almost don't expect; always there for you, offering sympathy and cuddles or smiles and laughter. They make an impact in only the best of ways, and this is the aspect that makes them so human-like, it is difficult for us when their short lives come to an end. How wonderful it is, though, that we can love something or someone so much that saying goodbye becomes so very hard. My heart is broken and yet, I am grateful for her existence and the impact she had on my life, even if it only lasted six months.

I'm sorry you didn't get to meet her, July. She was one helluva gal.

. . . . 

"Dear July" was borrowed from Carrie Fletcher who based her series off of fellow Youtuber, Emily.

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