Sunday, June 29, 2014

☼ TAG: Summertime Madness ☼

The "Summertime Madness" TAG was created on Youtube by JackEastsBooks. Several of the questions have been changed around to better suit a blog (and my answers).

1. Show a book with a "summery" cover:

Despite the fact that I have not yet had a chance to read this book and have absolutely no idea in which season it takes place, this cover seems to embody everything that comes to mind when I hear the word "summer." The mountains and pavement and glow of the sun make the cover's setting look humid and sticky. Also, the character on the left (Amy, I am assuming) is wearing shorts. So there's that.

2. Pick a place—fictional or otherwise—as the perfect destination for your Summer Vacation:

Paris in the summertime. Need I say more?

3. Destination: Summer Vacation. What novella do you choose to read during your flight?

I could read this novella a million times and never find it dull. Warner is such a complicated and interesting character.

4. You have a case of Summertime Sadness. Choose a happy book to lift your mood:

A contemporary retelling of Pride and Prejudice; this book just makes me so happy. <3

5. You are sitting at the beach, alone. Which fictional character would be your Beach Babe?

Excluding the obvious reasons (i.e: smoldering good looks), I feel like either Will Herondale or Noah Shaw would make an excellent beach-side companion. Whilst lounging about in the shade, Will could read to me from one of his favorite books and, if The Evolution of Mara Dyer is any indication, we all know what Noah is capable of on a beach...

6. To match your ice cream, you want an icy cool sidekick. Which fictional sidekick do you pick?

That title would go to Chubs from The Darkest Minds. Not only is he extremely smart and level-headed, but his sass/sarcasm have left me in hysterics and he seems like the kind of person you would want at your side during a difficult situation.

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