Thursday, November 27, 2014


This year, if I am thankful for anything, I am thankful for family. Up until recently, I have associated that word with blood but, unfortunately, it has become increasingly apparent just how skewed that way of thinking really is. Blood does not make someone love you. It does not mean that they will not turn on you, given the opportunity, or attack and blame you for things that have gone wrong. A family is made up of people that care for you, despite your faults, and do not use them against you; those that remain by your side even when your back is turned and do not lie to your face in an attempt to gain something in return. So, even though the upcoming holidays will be more bitter than sweet, I am very, very grateful to those that have offered their love, encouragement and sympathy these last few weeks. To my parents and siblings, friends, coworkers, members of our church's congregation and random, long-lost acquaintances that have shown up at our door with prayers and support: you are all my family and I love you.

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