Tuesday, October 29, 2013

TAG: This or That?

The This or That TAG was created by Youtube's AurasBookBox and consists of fourteen book-related questions that beg to be answered.

Happy Tuesday!

1. Audiobook or book in hand? I will always, always, always prefer the physical copy of a book to an audio or eBook.

2. Soft cover or hardback? Hardbacks are sturdier and definitely prettier, in my opinion, though I am not too picky (it usually just depends on whether one costs more—I am a poor college student, after all—and whether or not it matches the other books in the series that I currently own). If I had to pick, however, I would probably choose a hardback over a flimsy, soft cover version.

3. Fiction or nonfiction? Fiction, usually, though I have been known to pick up and enjoy a nonfiction or two.

4. Fantasy world or real-life issues? Both. I enjoy fluffy, contemporary nonsense as much as the next girl, but I am also prone to falling head-over-heels in love with fantastical stories about witches and wizards and pillowcase-wearing elves.

5. Harry Potter or Twilight? Harry Potter. No competition.

6. Kindle, iPad or other? Unfortunately, I cannot afford an iPad (again; poor college student = no money for frivolous amenities). I did receive a Kindle for my birthday last year, however, and am kind of in love.

7. Borrow or buy? Buy. There is just something about owning a book, calling it yours, that is so much more appealing than borrowing from a library or friend. Though I am not beyond doing either of those things.

8. Bookstore or online? I love the feeling of walking into a bookstore, pursuing the shelves, and walking out with a book (or two or ten) in hand but, honestly, I am not able to venture to our nearest bookstore too often. So, online book shopping is what I usually turn to. Plus, the books online are, most oftentimes, cheaper.

9. Stand-alone or series/trilogy? Both. Sometimes I crave the development and complexity of a series or trilogy, and sometimes I just want a no-nonsense stand-alone that I can read and enjoy without making any sort of commitment.

10. Monster read or short-and-sweet? Depends on the book. If I am in a mood for a light, fluffy contemporary, I like for the books to be short and to-the-point. I prefer my action-y books to be long and full of adventure.

11. Starry-eyed romance or full of action? I have already stated this a million times, and will again for the benefit of this TAG; I am absolutely, under no circumstances, a fan of Insta!Love. That said, I do enjoy the occasional romance, so long as the story/characters possess development and depth. I also enjoy suspenseful, action-packed stories as well, preferably with a little romance mixed in. So, I guess my answer is: both, as long as I find what I am reading tolerable and enjoyable.

12. Curl up in your Snuggie or bathe in the sun? I find it a tad difficult to concentrate on reading when I am out in the sun, as my preferred sunbathing method is lying down, closing my eyes, and listening to some music. When I take a book out—which is not often—I cannot seem to focus and continually find myself rereading paragraphs or pages that I have already read a million times. Apparently my brain cannot soak up words and sun at the same time (multi-tasker I am not). However, I adore burying myself beneath a pile of blankets and reading the day or night away.

13. Hot chocolate or Latte? Neither. I am not usually a fan of chocolate, and have never had a Latte. Perhaps a can of Doctor Pepper and some popcorn?

14. Read the review or decide for yourself? When I am buying a book—or even adding it to my Goodread's TBR shelf—I always look at the ratings and snippets of what people are saying about the book in their reviews. I try never to see something that will spoil the plot for me, but I have a hard time dishing out money for something that I might not like. After I have decided to buy the book, and have read it, I usually write down my thoughts on the read and decide for myself what I thought (with maybe a little input from other GR members).

What do you prefer?

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