Wednesday, June 26, 2013

M.A.S.H: Book Edition

I am sure you have all played M.A.S.H at some point in your life. It's that thing you did in elementary school, where you would write down the name of the cute boy from class and giggle when the number of hashes predicted that the two of you would live happily ever after in a mansion with your dog and six kids. Well, I decided to relive that childhood fun, but with a little twist.

Recently, Youtube's very own jessiethereader created a book edition of this game; meaning that, instead of your RL crushes and dream jobs, you enter occupations and forms of transportation from books that you have read. Which characters you have wanted to marry, which worlds you wish existed, creatures turned mythical companion you had once yearned to have at your side. The options are limitless! And so, even though I do not make Youtube videos and was not officially tagged, I thought that it would be fun to sit down with a pen in hand and write out my own version. Also, I just really wanted to know whether or not Will Herondale was in my future. Here is the before:

I forgot to mention that you are supposed to put some less-appealing choices on your list, to spice things up a bit (hence the hive of Tracker Jackers under "Pets" and President Snow as a potential love interest (ick)). Also, the addiction of the "Best Friend" category was created by Youtube's bookables and was not in the original video.

And, the results!

It's official. Will and I are meant to be together.

I must say, I am in for a pretty amazing future. Working as a magician in the Night Circus, living in the London Institute, MARRYING WILL HERONDALE. I am pretty okay with this. 

What does your future hold?

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